Raven2024 D5 AAT analyse 2024.06.09

1Erik PraznovskyEPJS3-18283.54 km02:00:57140.7 km/h01000 2.01 m/s 65.77 169 km/h 0.307 m/s 18.63810 339 m 2.8%13:12:38
2Dominique LefevreDLFJS3-18271.34 km01:59:34135.7 km/h0929 2.19 m/s 52.38 182 km/h 0.236 m/s 9.64910 460 m 3.72%13:42:35
3Pavel FoldynaOOJS3-18292.47 km02:10:38134.3 km/h0910 2.06 m/s 67.57 167 km/h 0.308 m/s 19.73111 335 m 7.38%13:02:01
mCR: mean climb rate of the whole flight | mGN: mean gliding number (gliding number without influence of wind)
mIAS: mean indicated airspeed (the speed you see on your speedometer, the real speed is higher depending on the altitude) | nLift: number of lifts
DeltaGN: additional gliding number (difference between mGN and GN of speed polar) | Vmet: average of rising and sinking air
AltLift: average climbed in a lift | Detour: Detour in percent, only gliding passages are regarded. With backwind the value can be lower 100%

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